Your dog will have a blast in our huge indoor and outdoor play areas. Between the jungle gym, puppy pools and big spaces to run, your dog is sure to be dog-tired by the end of the day! In fact, Camp Canine boasts one of the largest outdoor play yards in metrowest. If your pooch prefers to just relax, he can do so on our one of the many beds available for the quieter pups. Whatever your pup chooses to do, you can rest assured that your dog is always being watched by a highly trained staff member.

Our indoor facility consists of two play areas where dogs are divided by size. (Or what size they think they are!) Indoors is completely climate-controled to ensure maximum comfort! Outdoors is also divided by size with lots of shade. We are firm believers that dogs should be able to get plenty of fresh air and sun!
Camp Canine is one of very few indoor/outdoor daycare services in Massachusetts, and we have some of the largest outdoor play spaces you’ll find!

Our huge outdoor play yards are complete with canine astroturf, a state of the art astroturf system that feels and looks like real grass! Most kennels put your dog out on rocks or even cement! Camp Canine uses the newest technology to provide your pooch with a grass-like feeling that is soft on their paws and comfortable to play on. The grass also keeps your dog much cleaner than sand or mulch, is more sanitary than every other option and is very eco-friendly to boot!

Don’t forget your dog’s report card when you pick them up!

Older/Medically Handicapped Dogs – Dogs that need a little special care are not a problem as long as they are able to interact with other dogs safely. We are happy to take these dogs as long as their medical condition is considered stable.

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