Boarding/Daycare General Policies:

  1. Daycare and boarding rates are listed on the website and on the rate card at the front desk.

  2. Clients who check their dog out after 10AM Monday-Saturday after boarding will be charged a daycare fee for the last day. All other boarding days include daycare.

  3. Camp Canine staff reserve the right to place your dogs wherever they seem safest. This includes the right to remove your dog from group play. All boarding charges still apply.

  4. Dogs who are not neutered or spayed will not be accepted past 6 months of age.

  5. Client is responsible for packing extra food. If the client does not pack food in a water-tight container and it spills or becomes contaminated, or if the food runs out, the client will be responsible for the feeding charges.

  6. Please have your dog on a leash at all times when on Camp Canine property.

  7. Please do not bring more than two toys per animal.

  8. Toys and belongings are occasionally misplaced. Camp Canine is not responsible for missing or damaged items.

  9. Camp Canine staff reserve the right to withhold any toys or treats if we feel they will be a choking hazard to your pet. We generally will not give rawhides at night.

  10. Bedding may become soiled or damaged during the stay. Camp Canine is not responsible for any damages to bedding.

  11. Camp Canine makes every effort to wash most bedding before returning to the owner. If this is something you do NOT want, please inform staff when leaving your bedding.

  12. Drop-off/Pick-up times Monday-Saturday are 7AM-10AM and 4PM-7PM. Drop-off for Sunday daycare (by reservation only) is between 8AM-10AM. All Sunday pick-up is between 12PM-5PM. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, or if we are unable to reach you by closing, you may either be charged a late fee or your animal will be boarded at your expense. All normal boarding fees apply. This is at the discretion of management on a case-by-case basis.

  13. Dogs left more than three days after their scheduled departure date with no contact from the owner will be considered abandoned and brought to a local shelter or animal control.

  14. Payment in full is due at time of pick-up. Clients may also prepay.

  15. Cancellation of daycare or non-holiday boarding reservations must be made by phone, in person, or by e-mail no later than 7PM the night prior to arrival or may result in a no-show fee of $15.

  16. Cancellation of holiday daycare must be made by phone, in person, or by e-mail no later than 7PM the night prior to arrival or will result in a $30 no-show fee.

  17. A one-night deposit is required to book major holiday reservations and a $15 fee is charged for pick-up and drop-off on all holidays.

  18. Cancellation of holiday stays must be made at least 10 days prior to the date of arrival for a refund of the deposit. Otherwise, the deposit is forfeited.

  19. Clients may be reported to animal control if they are found to be abusive toward their animals at our facility or if there is evidence of prior abuse to an animal.

Dog Injuries/Illness:

Please refer to your contract for our complete policy regarding injury, illness, or death.

  1. Any injury requiring medical attention will be brought to the attention of the owner/caretaker as soon as we are safe and able to call.

  2. Emergency numbers on file are up to the owner/caretaker to update.

  3. Camp Canine does not bring dogs to the veterinarian unless they are in need of emergency care. On rare occasions, a counselor may bring dogs to the vet at the owner/caretaker's expense.

  4. When leaving a dog at Camp, there should be a local contact available to pick up the animal if the need should arise.

  5. Camp Canine is not an isolation facility. Dogs that come down with kennel cough while staying with us will be brought to the first available veterinarian and boarded there at the owner's expense. Time spent at Camp Canine will be billed to the owner.

  6. Camp Canine is not responsible for veterinary bills for any and all incidents incurred while in the facility, this includes injury or illness.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Camp Canine's policies.